Happy Dreaming…

Happy Dreaming…

I would say Amsterdam / Most Sailing / Fethiye if you want to see humanity, passion for sailing, surprises, beauties, collaboration, sharing, team spirit under the leadership of a leader and a dream full of love and excitement while being in nature at sea.

Would it be a sailing dream if there weren’t any tacks?

Could the leader be any other than the Özgür Captain? Probably. But for me Özgür Captain will remain special for the rest of my life.

It is such a great dream that its beginning and end are crystal clear already at the start of the journey.

On Saturday, the dream begins when you step into the boat as the sun sets. You quickly say hello to the peninsulas in the dark, your captain curling between them makes you feel safe along the way, while also making you feel at home. But you know without a doubt that many surprises await the whole team at the end.

I am a cardiovascular surgeon. Team mentality and the ability to act together are ingrained in our genes as we grow up. But in this dream, I observed such things that should be adapted to our profession. Özgür Kaptan is a very, very special person who shares all his experiences as and when necessary. My maritime mentor. Although he is much, much younger than me.

What did you think we did in that week? I cannot share because the group is private. Maybe my teammates Kanat, Merve and Berkin can give clues. In general, it is a wonderful mixture of sea turtles, tacks, sailing lessons, knots, terminology, the ability to observe the developments around you 24/7, the freshest fish, great menemen (Turkish omelet with tomatoes), great conversations, sharing life experiences and many more magical moments. If you want to make the right decisions about your life, I will say a week with Most Sailing would give you just that.

Happy dreaming…

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Rüçhan Akar