What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

When asked to share my experiences with Most Sailing, I thought of binary star system. Yes, a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common barycenter. I can hear you say, “What are you talking about?”

In June of 2020, our captain and his lovely wife Pinar, who instilled the love of sea in us, just bought their first sailboat named Amsterdam.

As new captains, we were very excited to be one of the first to cruise on this 46 feet Bavaria Cruiser.

In the pandemic madness, we donned our masks, gloves and visors and traveled to Dalaman with the first available plane. From the airport, we went out to the magnificent nature of Fethiye listening to the sounds of tree crickets and inhaled the fresh scent of pine trees.

After stopping by a supermarket on our way to buy groceries for our weeklong journey, we finally arrived at the Yacht Classic Hotel Marina.

Pinar and Özgür were waiting for us at the pier. We set foot in Amsterdam together. Everything new is nice, of course, but Amsterdam was more than that.

Özgür Kaptan immediately started the check-in process, explaining every detail on the deck, from the most sensitive navigation systems to its 100-meter anchor chain, from the measures taken for our safety to the carbon fiber racing rudder.

Then we went inside where Pinar was waiting for us. We could see her touch in in everything from the coronavirus measures, to the sourdough bread specially prepared for us and the special Colombian coffee they provided from a local roaster. Such details you might not find at a seven-star hotel were in Most Sailing’s new boat. We were fascinated, to be honest, and we did not hide our astonishment.

Together, we created our route and have set sail. We were going to spend the first night in Göcek bays and head to Marmaris the next day. Being on sea is a serious matter, one cannot afford to be careless. Having said that, we knew there were two supportive captains, just a phone call away, watching over us.

While looking at the stars on our second evening in Bozukkale, south of Marmaris, Sirius (Akyıldız) caught my attention. This binary star, which appears to be the only star visible to the naked eye on summer evenings. While looking at Sirius, I thought of Pinar and Özgür. I thought, “Just as the binary stars rotate at their common barycenter, Pinar and Özgür are also orbiting around Most Sailing, while we enjoy the pleasures of sailing, safely.”

I would recommend them to everyone.

Mustafa Köksalan